Banks and Neo-banks

Help your customers
achieve their goals

Many of us save with a particular goal in mind; whether it be to control spending, save for the future or be protected against something bad happening etc.

additiv enables your customers to make the most of their money according to
their individual dreams.

Improve customer profitablity

Neobanks/challenger banks serve over 1 billion clients globally but less than 5% of them are profitable.

The average customer acquisition cost (CAC) is estimated to be $1,500, making it difficult to be profitable with current offerings.

Digital banks can improve their customer’s lifetime value by offering financial well-being related services at their point of need, without any significant costs.

Be relevant to your customers

Build recurring income streams, increase customer stickiness and maximise customer profitability by enabling your customers to start saving and investing early.

Allow your customers to…

Select individual goals

Understand risks, timeline and achievability

Choose investment to match individual lifestyles and values

Bringing value to embedded finance distribution clients

Nils Frowein, CEO at additiv

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