Types of

Orchestrate your own or third-party services.

Public orchestration

One-stop-shop for brands looking to enrich customer value proposition and capitalise on their brand power.

Private orchestration

For financial firms looking to orchestrate their own services into richer customer experiences and/or complement them with third-party products.

For brands that want to innovate and capitalise on customer loyalty and engagement.

Your B2B one-stop-shop for consumer-oriented financial experiences:

  • Get a fully-fledged end-to-end customer value proposition, designed in partnership with us, and orchestrated and operated by us (All-in-One).
  • Or, use our API to consume the ready-to-use financial services and capabilities provided by our platform and build customer-focused financial experiences.​
  • Generate new revenue streams by enriching your customer value proposition with seamless and contextualised end-to-end financial experiences, distributed at the point of need, via your own channels or via apps provided by us.

Example use cases:


Transform your business model by opening up your sourcing and enriching your business value proposition


Leverage your brand power and existing customer engagement levels to monetise new financial experiences

Stay relevant

Choose and combine the services you need ifrom our ecosystem; evolve them over time in step with changing customer needs

This is for you if…

You wish to enrich you your value proposition with relevant financial experiences and you don’t want to build them yourself

You wish to enrich your value proposition with financial experiences that are highly relevant to your customers

You don’t wish to build the capability to operate financial services yourself

You don’t wish to build the capability to combine financial services from multiple providers into seamless financial experiences