Bringing together the technology, open ecosystem, expertise, framework, and business support to design and operate customer-focused financial experiences

Everything that’s needed to design and operate the financial
experiences your customers really need

Our technology

Our technology platform enables:

The orchestration of third-party financial services and capabilities from our open ecosystem of partners, or/and your own, into seamless financial experiences

Real-time contextualisation so that you can deliver the right orchestrated financial experiences in the right form to each customer at the point of need

The embedding of these orchestrated financial experiences into your own channels, or their distribution in apps provided by additiv

Operational scalability and resilience

Our open ecosystem

An ever-expanding ecosystem of partners providing financial services and other capabilities

Covers the full finance value chain, all key areas of finance, all geographies, and an abundance of functionality

Also brings together a host of technology and services partners around the world, as well as associations, think tanks and consultancies

All these services and capabilities can be orchestrated into seamless and highly-contextualised financial experiences

Our operating framework

Tried-and-tested legal and operating framework to which all ecosystem partners adhere

Enables seamless and cost-effective orchestration of services and capabilities in the ecosystem

Managed sourcing: we take care of all the hassle of dealing with providers so that you can focus on your customers

Key to minimising time-to-market

Our business expertise

Business model transformation: designing the right proposition around your customer needs and business objectives

Financial model definition: determining the right pricing, unit economics and financial business case

Ongoing technical and business support: providing assistance and guidance when and where it’s needed.

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