Asset Managers

Revolutionize the way you distribute your products

Take control of your products, services, and capabilities and showcase them to a wider audience. With our solution, 
you can tap into new markets and achieve unparalleled growth.

Be relevant in a growing market

Clients expect more than investments; they want holistic advice and services that support financial wellness and security.

Wealth and asset managers, IFAs who go direct to consumers with broad and customized services are best-placed to capitalize on a large, growing market.

Embedded finance offers the fastest route to market with the best economics. No IT costs, short lead time, broad offering and great consumer experience from the get-go.

Distribute your products to new markets

Reach beyond institutional clients and target private investors with ease

Optimize your operations and product design to maximize profits without giving up margins for distribution

Access to regulatory compliant all-in-one solution to serve customers directly

Transform your products into investing experiences

Launch a user-friendly omni-channel experience, including mobile app in your brand’s look & feel

Enable users to start growing their wealth with just 
with a few taps on their phone

Deliver much more than funds: Offer individualized
 discretionary portfolios for private clients

Enable clients to invest in a wide variety of assets

Interact seamlessly with advisors in their preferred way

Invest in a wide variety of assets, including digital assets, impact investments and thematic portfolios

Understand opportunities and risks associated with investment adjustments

How our customers unleash the potential of wealth management as-a-service

Marcy Kochet-Chua, Chief Client Relationship Officer at ATRAM

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