Orchestrated finance

Rearranging the finance value chain. Tapping an open ecosystem of services and capabilities. Orchestrating them on one platform. Building seamless and contextualized end-to-end propositions.

Orchestration: what is it?

Orchestration is the act of combining and arranging services for optimum results. In our context, this means rearranging the financial service value chain to give consumers the financial experiences that they really need.

Combining and arranging relevant financial services and capabilities from an open ecosystem of providers, and/or from your own business

Enabling these services and capabilities to work together seamlessly and intelligently

Delivering them in a highly-contextualized way, in the right form, at the point of need, in any channel

We empower you to rearrange the value chain to give
your customers what they really need.

Orchestrated financial experience





Key benefits of orchestration


Transform your business model
Enrich your value proposition

Deeper engagement
Brand loyalty
Stickier demand


Enrich your product/service offering

New revenue streams
New market access
Higher average sales


Enhance your customer experience

Strategic agility
Operational flexibility
Lower cost-to-evolve

Principles of orchestration

Putting individual consumers first

GIving each consumer what she/he needs instead of fragmented, one-size-fits-all financial services

Financial inclusion

Making the right financial services available to a greater number of people

Control over the value chain

Breaking up the traditional finance value chain and reconfiguring it to consumers’ advantage

Freedom from lock-in

Giving businesses choice over which financial services providers to use and combine

Transforming business models

Empowering businesses to shape the way they do business and enhance their value proposition

Making evolution easy

Making it easier and cheaper to stay in tune with evolving consumer needs

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