Seamlessly deliver wealth management services​

addWealth by additiv​

Deliver innovative wealth management value propositions such as goal-oriented investments, retirement, and pension planning, personalized discretionary portfolio management and investment advisory solutions.

Enabling end-to-end wealth management

Seamlessly manage the full lifecycle of wealth management on a single platform, from prospecting and onboarding to financial planning, portfolio and risk management, and ongoing client servicing.

Pre-integrated regulated service providers

Combine your own services with those of regulated service providers fully integrated into the platform, allowing for fast time-to-market and rich, ever-expanding offerings.

Elevated productivity and decision-making

Equip advisors and portfolio managers with an extensive array of service and productivity tools, enhancing personal relationship and advice through all channels.

Outstanding client experience

Provide your end-clients with intuitive tools for managing their highly personalized investment portfolios, either independently or alongside their advisors.

Unparalleled impact

Our platform seamlessly integrates best-in-class technology, regulated third-party financial services, legal and operating frameworks, enabling any distributor to efficiently and effectively provide exceptional, personalized client experiences at scale under their brand.

Empower advisors to deliver an exceptional service

A multi-function advisor hub for smooth wealth management operations which can seamlessly be embedded into existing portals fully compliantly.

Advisors are empowered to offer in-person and remote client conversations such as proposals, optimizations and simulations through a multitude of channels, in real-time.

AI powered communication technology of our advisor copilot enables advisors to comprehensively and compliantly respond to client queries and provide data-driven, informed decisions.

Build tailored portfolios at scale

Ability to create truly personalized, yet compliant and risk-centric investment products according to every client's lifestyle, beliefs, and life stage.

Our wealth roboadvisor solution reduces the cost of offering personalized investment advice matching investors’ risk profiles and financial aspirations.

Regular monitoring of all portfolios against pre-set constraints and alerting of all relevant parties. Option to include automatic remediation of rule breach and/or creating an investment proposal. Full transparency on constraint breach and real-time calculation of all risk metrics and KPIs.

Engage with your customers

Provide your customers with rich, contextualized information in an intuitive way. Full omnichannel and AI capabilities to stay engaged and connected to your customers.

Full self-service capabilities from onboarding to servicing, allowing your customers to manage their wealth. Seamless advisor handoff at any point during the customer journey.

Advisor-assisted interaction, either remote or in-person, as and when required, to support clients in their investment decisions, synchronized in real-time across all channels.

Our client partnerships​


PostFinance, one of the largest banking institutions in Switzerland, worked with additiv to enter the digital wealth management market.​

~800,000 clients
onboarded in the first 6 months post go-live

Support of self-service as well as advisor-led investment services.

Execution-only, advisory and discretionary mandates.

ATRAM Wealth 360

ATRAM, the largest independent asset​ and wealth manager in the Philippines, partnered with additiv to consolidate all client segments onto a single digital Wealth-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform to scale solutions for client-centricity.

97% growth
in AuM from 2022 to 2023

Customizable advisory tools for individual, corporate and institutional clients.

Winner of IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards 2023 for Best Project Implementation.

Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance, one of the world’s largest insurance groups, launched investment and retirement offerings to its clients with additiv’s end-to-end wealth-as-a-service platform.

>CHF 40m
in net new assets onboarded in the first 50 days

In-person and remote pension planning for pillar II and 3a.

Fully digitalized and automated end-to-end process and workflows.

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia was the first bank in the country to launch a mobile banking application with investment features, CommBank Smart Wealth powered by additiv.

>25% growth
of Premier Banking clients in the first 12 months post go-live

Comprehensive interface enabling customers to directly monitor their total assets.

Manage investment transactions independently, freeing relationship managers and advisors to cater to the ones truly in need.

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