Extend your offering with credit distribution​

addCredit by additiv​

Offer secured or unsecured loans to consumers in the right context at the right time, with a streamlined origination journey. Aggregate and deliver loan offers from various third-party lenders in real time.​

A multi-lender, multi-advisor credit marketplace

Tap into a rich ecosystem of pre-integrated lenders and credit brokers to enrich your offerings with innovative secured or unsecured credit solutions.​

Enhanced distribution, embedded at point of need

Distribute credit solutions to customers through advised and self-service channels, or embedded into ​context-relevant user journeys and new distribution channels.

Unparalleled impact

Our Credit-as-a-Service solution brings together regulated lenders, brokers, agents and other third-party services to remove inefficiencies from the credit value chain. This allows institutions to unlock new revenue pools and generate new opportunities with better insights and a broader offering.

Faster and more sustainable credit offerings

Enhance the quality of credit requests to ensure a higher conversion rate and increased distribution at lower acquisition costs.

Define your risk management strategy and tailor your credit offerings to match your risk appetite.

Streamlined origination journey and minimal processing effort

Reduce processing efforts and seamlessly manage the full client journey on a single platform allowing brokers to focus on providing an exceptional service.

Deliver the most comprehensive market overview to customers by comparing loan offers from various lenders in real-time.

Streamlined, customer-friendly credit processes

Enable consumers to access the marketplace, compare multiple credit offers and make informed decisions by understanding the best available options.

Enhance accessibility to credit services and products through both advised and self-service channels, embedded at the point of need.

Our client partnerships​


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss Life AG, SwissFEX worked with additiv to launch a customized mortgage comparison platform, with fully-digitized processes for brokers.​

+CHF 1 billion
Initiated mortgage originations per year
Mortgage brokerages per year

More than 50 financing partners including all relevant mortgage banks are integrated as lenders.

Streamlined the origination journey, reducing the processing effort for the advisors to focus on value add advisory.

bob Finance

Developing a new financial services company for the retailer Valora targeting consumer finance market online and integrated at the POS.

+CHF 1 billion
Initiated mortgage originations per year
Mortgage brokerages per year

From distribution, origination, refinancing till servicing on one digital platform.

Business development from business case up to refinancing.

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