Design and run your
account and payment proposition

addBanking by additiv​

Embed account and payment propositions into your existing customer journeys, spanning current accounts, debit and credit cards, deposits and payment services.

Fully integrated value chain

Innovative end-to-end wealth, credit and insurance offerings integrated with accounts, payments and cards proposition.

Unlocking the power of Banking-as-a-Service

Leverage seamlessly orchestrated banking services from Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers, embedded into your existing offerings, systems and processes.

Unparalleled impact

Our Banking-as-a-Service solution embeds regulated banking features right where your customers need them.

Scale your distribution and increase profitability

Gain access to new customer segments with reduced acquisition costs by integrating your banking services into relevant third-party products, distribution channels, and everyday consumer platforms.

Gather rich data on customer behavior and preferences, enabling the development of more tailored and innovative financial products and services.

Provide contextualized banking services and influence consumers for better customer penetration and higher share of wallet.

Increase profitability and better serve your customers

Deliver innovative incentive structures and enhance customer experience with an integrated payment proposition.

Increase lifetime customer value by delivering innovative services and better personalization.

Superior financial well-being

Meet your customers' unmet financial needs by capitalizing on their loyalty and engagement to offer personalized banking services, seamlessly integrated into their daily apps.

Transform how your customers manage their finances by offering banking accounts tailored for everyday use, easily opened in just a few steps.

Our client partnerships​


Switzerland’s no.1 retailer works with additiv to provide comprehensive banking & wealth solutions seamlessly to their customers in its Coop super app.

Coop’s household account is specially designed for your day-to-day finances and can be opened in just a few steps.

additiv’s API-first cloud platform integrates and orchestrates Coop’s various financial services partners such as Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Glarner Kantonalbank and others.

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