Wealth and Asset Managers, IFAs

Offer clients the best

Consumers and banks are looking for the best investment options. That might be highest risk/reward, diversification or impact.

They are also looking for choice about how services are delivered – over what channels and whether via advisor or self-service/ direct.

additiv provides hybrid and digital-only value propositions, including

Automatic access to investment


Brokerage services

Market insights

Be relevant in a growing market

Clients expect more than investments; they want holistic advice and services that support financial wellness and security.

Wealth and asset managers, IFAs who go direct to consumers with broad and customized services are best-placed to capitalize on a large, growing market.

Embedded finance offers the fastest route to market with the best economics. No IT costs, short lead time, broad offering and great consumer experience from the get-go.

Transform trust into value

Transform your business model and increase market relevance, by embedding efficient, new investment tools, assets and services into your value propositions.

Enable client to make an impact with their investments

Select portfolio exclusions and inclusions and incorporate sustainable development goals

Access portfolio metrics that go beyond the traditional capital growth

Offset a carbon footprint of their portfolio by selecting certified carbon offset projects

Enable clients to invest in a wide variety of assets

Interact seamlessly with advisors in their preferred way

Invest in a wide variety of assets, including digital assets, impact investments and thematic portfolios

Understand opportunities and risks associated with investment adjustments

Bringing value to embedded finance distribution clients

Michael Stemmle, CEO & Founder of additiv

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