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Hybrid Wealth Manager

Our Hybrid Wealth Manager gives a rich and seamless customer experience across all client touchpoints. It empowers users to manage their investments through an intuitive Client Cockpit or work with their advisors through the Advisor Hub, as well as giving operations teams a comprehensive suite of service and productivity tools with the Workbench.

Wealth Robo Advisor

Wealth Robo allows you to offer the same superior quality service as traditional advice with the added efficiency of an automated approach. It makes it easier for your wealth management clients to invest in lower value products or decumulate their investible assets to support their current or longer-term financial plans.

Risk Analytics Dashboard

The Risk Analytics Dashboard enables institutions, sales managers, or relationship managers to perform portfolio health scoring based on a multitude of configurable investment risk metrics. Your most demanding clients expect you to use the best risk metrics, up-to-date, consistently applied to all their portfolios, near real-time.

Credit Engine

Our Credit Engine is a comprehensive multi-lender and omni-channel distribution platform for secured and unsecured loans.

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