Financial services and capabilities you can
arrange into relevant and comprehensive solutions

A wealth of possibilities for designing the right solution

  • Capabilities in all key areas of finance, at all stages of the value chain, and in all key geographies.
  • Arrange them into comprehensive end-to-end value propositions which address real-life customer needs.
  • Goal-oriented pension planning, tax-efficient savings, blended insurance protection, employee wellness and more.

… the realm of possibilities is vast!

Everything you need to maximise customer engagement:

  • Hybrid wealth management
  • Wealth account aggregation, portfolio analytics and client reporting
  • Multi-asset execution and custody
  • Multi-asset class risk analytics and portfolio construction
  • Tax reporting

Everything you need to offer a seamless investing experience:

  • Advised or self-serviced investing
  • Portfolio construction, simulation, optimization
  • Multi-asset execution and custody and risk analytics
  • Stress testing
  • Investment process automation

Everything you need to offer sustainable finance:

  • ESG data, indexes, evaluation metrics
  • SDG-focused investment themes
  • SFDR Reporting
  • Real-time news analytics
  • Actionable insights, scores and predictive signals

Everything you need to maximise customer engagement:

  • Conversational & collaboration interfaces
  • Live chat & secure messenger
  • Video & voice solutions
  • Co-browsing

Everything you need to offer secured and unsecured loans:

  • Mortgage calculator
  • Origination and arrangement
  • Fully digitized processes
  • Ecosystem of lenders

Everything you need to offer Non-life, Life, and Health insurance:

  • Insurance product design
  • Individualized insurance products
  • Risk-profiling
  • Client self-service
  • Ecosystems of insurers

Everything you need for secure end-to-end service delivery:

  • Fraud monitoring
  • Seamless 2FA with fallbacks
  • Compliant transaction confirmations
  • Secure helpdesk authentication
  • Passwordless authentication
  • Biometric MFA
  • Transaction signing & identity verification
  • Digital identity and digital signatures

Everything you need for compliant operations:

  • Integration to KYC providers
  • Risk Profiling
  • Investment suitability
  • MIFID and FIDLEG Reporting
  • Advisory protocol
  • Loss report
  • SFDR report

Everything you need to offer digital assets:

  • Digital asset custody
  • Investing in digital asset opportunities
  • Digital asset aggregation and risk analysis
  • Digital assets and fiat off-ramps and on-ramps

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