White paper – Q3 2021

Embedded wealth management: a $100 billion market opportunity hiding in plain sight

Financial service distribution is reaching an inflexion point. Embedded finance is not only possible, but has become an imperative. In this report, we focus on one of the more unexplored areas of embedded finance: wealth management.

We explore the embedded wealth opportunity (including market needs and use cases) and the importance of Banking-as-a-Service (Baas) alongside viewpoints from senior managers within leading industry players including Credit Suisse, Saxo Bank, Microsoft, Clarity AI and neobank TNEX, together with key fintechs focused on enabling embedded finance.


“With BaaS, FI’s don’t have any capex or upfront opex costs and can be incorporated fully within 6 months. Even though out-of-the-box, the FIs can still fully configure and tailor the solution according to their individual needs such as making it relevant to their market.”

Nicholas Wright – Director of Institutional Sales, Saxo Bank

Use cases for
embedded wealth management

There are many examples where wealth management could be embedded into financial and non-financial services. In this report, we discuss the use cases we believe present the most compelling opportunities.


Retail & Challenger banks

Build recurring income streams to increase customer lifetime value by embedding saving and investment services.

Asset managers

Embed wealth services into your own or 3rd party platforms to complement and expand product distribution.

Pension & Life Insurance Providers

Remove retirement planning silos and combine insurance, pension and investment into a single application.

Employee Financial Well-being

Support customer’s and/or employee’s journey, from financial planning to investing, through one transparent app.

Health Insurance Providers

Leverage unique insights from your customers lifestyles to help them achieve financial independence.

Super Apps and Consumer Platforms

Leverage customer loyalty and data-driven insights to open new income streams by offering wealth services.

additiv platform allows brands to easily embed wealth management into their offering.

Services can be tightly integrated into an existing journey, or offered standalone. The platform connects brands with our regulated and fintech ecosystem partners to deliver the end-to-end customer journey and fulfilment.

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