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Investment Suitability is at the center of attention of the current regulatory waves. Full compliance without blind spots across product shelves and behavioral conduct is going to be the new normal driven by regulatory pressure, a new competitive environment with robo-advisors and a new generation of investors.

We enhance the investment & advisory value chain from research to distribution with suitability assessments; solving the cross-border distribution, product and tax suitability issues of financial service providers. The entanglement of client context, rules and data leads to our automated unambiguous suitability answer – even down to the specific instrument level.

Investment Navigator

Investment Navigator offers financial institutions around the world modular technology-driven solutions as well as holistic consultancy services to add value to advisory and distribution processes.

Investment Navigator screen

Business impact

Save troubles

Avoid disputes with regulators and clients by increasing the service quality with coherent suitability information.

Save time

Free-up time of investment specialists, client advisors, fund selectors and compliance departments through automation. Investment Navigator reduces analysis of regulatory provisions from hours to seconds.

Open platform

Open platform structure allows for integrating data and rule sets from different sources, increasing flexibility for the user.

Save money

Replace error-prone manual processes, which can bear significant financial and reputational risks, with digitalization.

One-stop shop

Leverage Investment Navigator as the one-stop-shop for fund information, including suitability, on ISIN level.

more details

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