Future-proof, end user-centric authentication.

Futurae makes sure your users get access to all your services securely and effortlessly. Futurae solutions enable seamless 2FA with fallbacks, compliant transaction confirmations, secure helpdesk authentication, and anything in between.

Futurae also helps companies meeting risk and compliance requirements, fraud monitoring, security analytics, and much more.

The Futurae Platform

Build trust, not inconvenience. The Futurae Platform authenticates your users however you want it.

Business impact

User-first focus

On all interactions: web and app logins, transaction confirmation, authorization of sensitive operations, helpdesk authentication.

UI & technology agnostic

Suitable for mobile, web (laptop and desktop), tablets, smart home devices

Intuitive touchpoints

for a variety of users: tech-savvy, irregular, corporate, those that do not wish to use their mobile devices.

Focused on the corner cases

Focused on solving the corner cases where friction and frustration become apparent.

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