Embedded Wealth Solutions

Our platform allows brands to easily embed wealth management into their offering. Services can be tightly integrated into an existing journey, or offered standalone. The platform connects brands with our regulated and fintech ecosystem partners to deliver the end-to-end customer journey and fulfilment.


Traditional Retail, Challenger & Neobanks

Help your customers achieve their goals and remain relevant.

IFAs, Wealth and Asset managers

Offer the best client outcomes.

Pension and Life Insurance Providers

Help clients prepare for the future, avoid retirement planning silos and gain oversight.

Employee Well-being Services

Empower your employees to achieve their financial goals.

Health Insurance Providers

Leverage unique insights from your customers lifestyles to help them achieve financial independence.

Consumer Platforms

Let consumers achieve their goals.

The benefits of Embedded Wealth

Embed wealth management into existing products

Offer wealth solutions to add greater value to any of your existing products and services.

Embed wealth management into existing user journeys

Offer wealth solutions when customers need them, tailored to their context, as part of their digital journey.

Embedded Wealth Management 3 additiv

Embed wealth management straight out-of-the-box

Simply add services to your existing channels, configured to your brands’ look-and feel.

Embed a broad range of wealth management solutions

Tailor investment services to customer needs through an extensive marketplace of pre-integrated partners.

White Paper

Embedded wealth management: a $100 billion market opportunity hiding in plain sight

In this report, we focus on one of the more unexplored areas of embedded finance: wealth management. We explore the embedded wealth opportunity (including market needs and use cases) and the importance of Banking-as-a-Service (Baas) alongside viewpoints from senior managers within leading industry players including Credit Suisse, Saxo Bank, Microsoft, Clarity AI and neobank TNEX.



Access the next embedded finance opportunity

Embedded wealth is estimated to be worth US$32 billion in APAC alone, and traditional financial players, neo/challenger banks and consumer apps are already profiting. But wealth management has been overlooked – until now.

This report, written in partnership with Microsoft, is the first to explore the embedded wealth opportunity (including market needs and use cases), with a particular focus in APAC.

Embedded Wealth APAC opportunity

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