Exploring the Wealth Management Market in the Philippines alongside ATRAM

Published on May 26, 2023

Phillip Hagedorn, CEO ATRAM Asset and Wealth Management talks with Pieter Zylstra, General Manager at additiv Asia. Philip shares his thoughts on the importance of the wealth management market and the future of wealth locally. He also reveals how ATRAM is ensuring it continues to support its customers through innovation and maintain its position as the leading independent wealth and asset manager in the Philippines through a Wealth-as-a-Service (WaaS) model. 


Philippines market growth: Individual investors are gravitating towards investments. The number of people in the wealth segment are growing. Forbes estimates that the segment will account for US$80 billion AuM. And the country is expected to see 40% growth in the number of Filipinos set to become millionaires.  

Digital is essential: The acceptance of digital platforms has been overwhelmingly positive over the last few years. At ATRAM, we believe this is very powerful for a wealth business; combining the growth in the segment with a strong digital platform to help all our clients succeed.  

“[ATRAM] look forward to working with additiv in building these great products, these great platforms, that are going to bring the Philippines to the next level.” 

Innovation in the future: It is all about customer experience that ensures the customer keeps coming back. And that means providing them with not just a great product but a great platform to feel a part of what is going on. It’s important that customers build a relationship with ATRAM and that extends beyond the personal touch, it extends to the digital platforms that they engage with.  

“ATRAM and additiv are going to be a powerful team.  A team that is going to bring wealth inclusion to every corner of the country.”

 Wealth-as-a-Service (WaaS): Together with additiv, we have launched a joint project for digital wealth management. It follows a WaaS model; evolving firstly around the customer, the right product, the right platform, the right service to deliver our clients the returns that they want.  But it is also about building the business, building our partnerships and strategic alliance with those that offer the product. Having incredible tools on our side is vitally important.  

What we see is not just ATRAM the preferred asset manager for an individual but the preferred partner for those that want to help people along their investment journey with our digital platforms at their disposal. 

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