Wealth Management-as-a-Service – a first for the Nordics!

Published on November 24, 2021
Swiss company additiv launches Wealth Management-as-a-Service – a first in the Nordics!

Originally published by in Swedish on November 9, 2021

In the digital age, the development of Wealth Management-as-a-service is as logical as it is obvious. There is a growing need, at banks and other financial institutions, as well for their clients. Like the digital payment solutions that are already available on the market, today wealth management clients demand simple, smart digital solutions for banking and financing services.

A part of a complete wealth management

However, many banks and other financial institutions have not kept up with these digital development needs.  Client’s aren’t always able to to use digital services when it suits them best. Their experience isn’t always completely seamless.

Wealth clients who want to invest, save for retirement, build a buffer, regardless of the size of their fortune must be supported. Basically, it is about being able to offer better service as part of a complete asset management experience, in a simple, clear and transparent way.

The rest of the world is ahead

The cloud-based ‘as-a-service’ model is growing strongly in the rest of Europe and the world. And now the time has come for the Nordic region.  To support this, additiv has launched the region’s first Wealth management-as-a-Service solution.

additiv’s collaboration with Swedish Evida

To launch into the region, additiv has collaborated with Evida. Evida is an independent wealth manager and financial advisor with a focus on financial planning and advice for individuals or families, as well as a custodian institution. Through additiv’s ” Hybrid Wealth Manager”, Evida can get closer to its customers and be at the forefront of its digital platform for financial planning and advice.

Available to everyone

Speaking to Eric Andersson, General Manager at additiv, Eric highlighted that “additiv want to make investment services available to everyone, no matter how large or small the capital a customer has. With our Wealth management-as-a-Service platform, wealth managers and financial institutions can offer services on a larger scale, more efficiently and more controlled against current regulations.”

“Regulated investment services are also more clearly linked to other services a customer uses to achieve their financial objective. This applies to all customer groups in all relevant channels,” Eric states, adding that additiv partners also provide relevant permits such as custody and management permits.


Eric goes on to highlight that “working with these digital services is positive for both managers and customers. For our partners, it creates access to larger business volumes, lower transaction costs and increases overall profitability. For end customers, choice increases, it is convenient and provides a more comprehensive management of the ability to develop financial assets.”

The goal is to become the leading partner

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is an area of growth, where additiv is a leading global provider in digital wealth and asset management solutions. The goal is to become the leading partner in the Nordic region within Wealth Management-as-a-Service.

As Eric references “[additiv} are working with the Scandinavian fintech companies Bricknode and Kidbrooke to support the growing demand [additiv] see for Wealth management-as-a-Service, both in the Nordic region and globally. This allows [additiv] to offer a ‘plug n play’ platform, which uses Bricknode’s scalable cloud-based Brokerage-as-a-Service and and OutRank from Kidbrooke®, an API-based financial planning and analytics solution.”

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