Challenges in the Wealth Mangement Industry

Tech savvy clients expect a modern and seamless omni-channel experience across traditional and digital channels. The legal and regulatory environment is increasingly complex and Wealth Managers must ensure a compliant and yet compellling service in a cost efficient manner. In addition, innovative Fintechs and Bigtechs are creating a whole new competitive environment. All this results in new market dynamics and a profound disruption in the long run. Wealth Managers must embrace these challenges today to be ready for the future.

Ready for the future with additiv DFS 4.0

additiv positions itself as the catalyst for change in the financial services industry through easy, quick and affordable digitalisation. The new cloud-based offering allows Wealth Managers to deploy class-leading client advisory, servicing and experts tools in wealth and asset management – faster and more sustainably than anyone else.

additiv’s cloud-based offering is based on the fourth generation of its awarded Digital Finance Suite (DFS 4.0) and Orange’s dedicated cloud platform for the financial services industry. In the months to come more than 10 different innovative cloud-based software products for clients and client facing staff will be made available.

“We offer digital wealth management-as-a-service today for the financial institutions of tomorrow.”

Classic Robo

This Robo solution offers your self-directed customers an easy to use end-to-end digital wealth management solution.


Investment Cockpit

The Investment Cockpit provides your customers an excellent overview of their investments with corresponding monitoring and reporting features. Contextual and relevant market data, industry and company research and analytics enable the investor to make a well-founded decision.


Advisory Dashboard

The Advisory Dashboard enables your advisors to provide the relevant information about portfolios, markets and investment recommendations of your institution to clients.


Mobile Advisory Suite

The Mobile Advisory Suite is a comprehensive solution enabling your advisors to serve existing clients or prospects with a cutting edge mobile experience. Advisors are empowered to provide an excpetional service for both the discretionary and advisory business.


additiv Digital Finance Suite

additiv Digital Finance Suite 4.0 offers a modular software product architecture enabling Wealth Managers to run self-directed, hybrid or digitally augmented classical operating models. With DFaaS new strategic opportunities are now available for incumbent Wealth Managers. Those with a pre-dominant classic service model can easily upgrade to a digitally augmented experience. Wealth Managers aming towards a more digital servicing model can extend their business with a self-directed offering.


Software products for do-it-yourself investors supporting a self-directed value proposition for wealth managers.

  • Classic Robo
  • Investment Cockpit
  • More to come soon

Client Advisor

Software products for client advisors and investment mangement staff enabling a digitally augment classic or hybrid servicing model.

  • Advisory Dashboard
  • Mobile Advisory Suite
  • More to come soon

Product individualization through configuration

A differentiated value proposition supported by a true digital experience is key for Wealth Managers. All additiv software products offer a vast array of configuration possibilities to achieve an individualized experience with the following key configuration possibilities.

  • Look and feel
  • Functionalities
  • Business logics
  • Text and media
  • Number of languages

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