The complementary value proposition of additiv’s fourth generation Digital Finance Suite (DFS 4.0) and Orange’s cloud platform for financial services provides a vast range of different benefits.

  • Pre-configured products with quick go-to-market
  • Product individualization with great differentiation opportunities
  • Improved end-to-end client experience at a fraction of cost
  • Access to a rich ecosystem with market-leading service partners
  • State-of-the art cloud platform with military-grade security
  • Future proof and awarded state-of-the-art digital banking platform
  • Easy integration to existing core banking solutions


additiv wants to empower Wealth Managers around the globe to digitalise their existing and new business quick and easy. The pricing schema is designed to make the Wealth Management as-a-service products affordable to Wealth Managers of any size.

Product (Base Price + Volume Component)

The monthly subscription fee consists of a fix base price plus a variable degresssive component.

Tiered Volume Discount

The monthly billing amount is the sum of all product subscription fees minus a tiered volume discount.