additiv Digital Finance Suite – the platform to realize your Finance-as-a-Service ambitions

The additiv Digital Finance Suite (DFS) is a future-proof platform supporting the growth of your business. Once you subscribe to this platform, you have access to a multitude of use cases for your current and future activities. The associated costs are correlated to the development of your business. The additiv Digital Finance Suite is capable to integrate core banking systems, order management systems, custodians and information data providers into a new platform, which is the foundation for numerous use cases.


Software products for do-it-yourself investors supporting a self-directed value proposition for wealth managers.

  • Robo Advisor
  • Investment Cockpit

Client Advisor

Software products for client advisors and investment mangement staff enabling a digitally augment classic or hybrid servicing model.

  • Advisory Dashboard
  • Mobile Advisory Suite
  • Risk Analytics Dashboard


additiv’s proven wealth management products are now offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

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A fine selection of renowned and globally operating technology and service providers in Wealth Management.

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Benefits & Pricing

Intelligent solutions for Wealth Managers of any size for an easy, quick and affordable digitalisation of their business.

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Wealth management as-a-service products are based on additiv’s fourth generation modular Digital Finance Suite (DFS 4.0).

The new additiv DFS 4.0 platform is based on the previous DFS versions.

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