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Actionable insights, scores and predictive signals based on cutting edge real-time news analytics

Turn unstructured news data into easy to understand and actionable insights. If data is the new oil, learn how to extract, condense and distill it into something valuable.

Operating at the forefront of AI technology, YUKKA Lab analyses +500k news articles from +150k licensed and public news sources per day and translates them into Scores and Signals for next-level Risk, ESG, Sales & Investment Management. Its proprietary scoring engine replicates how you read and asses the news.


Efficiently screen the entire news landscape for relevant news and events. Easily detect outliers and anomalies based on our analytics and scores. Make better decisions supported through our insights and signals.

Business impact

News analytics

Interprets the increasing flood of financial news – finding the most important information and providing neutral trend analyses fully automated and in real-time.

Newest technology

Smart, fast and self-learning: State-of-the-art NLP, machine & deep learning combined with data mining. Augmented Language Intelligence at its best.

Time saving

Saves time and provides efficient overviews. Be the first to know the relevant sentiments. Visualized in an intuitive cockpit-style interface and right at your fingertips.

Actionable insights

Increase your performance with our solution that offers the most comprehensive and reliable indicators of market sentiment and trend shifts.

more details

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