TONI Digital

Insurance done differently. Whitelabel insurance solutions of the future

TONI Digital provides customized insurance-as-a-service solutions to any organization or brand looking to embed insurance services into its existing products.

It therefore enables businesses to grow, increase their end-customers’ loyalty and strengthen their brand.

TONI Digital

Real whitelabel solution providing a customized insurance value chain.

The organization decides which product features excites their end-consumers the most or drives their business. The TONI Digital platform supports building that exact product.

The organizations using TONI Digital can onboard and service end-consumers 100% digitally, with their own brand fronting the interaction.

TONI Digital can handle the end-to-end part of the value chain or customized areas, as per the client’s requirements: policy administration incl. payments/billing, claims management, pricing etc.

Business impact

Radically simple. 100% Digital

Embed insurance products within your existing offerings fast, simple and completely digital.

Customized value chain

The client organization can choose which part of the insurance value chain wants to perform in-house, while TONI handles the rest.

Competitive pricing

Organizations can offer superior services at lower prices to their customers, thanks to TONI Digital’s low total cost of operating.

Tier-1 ready

Already in production with Tier-1 financial and non-financial brands such as Swiss-based PostFinance and MIGROS.

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