Benefit from best-in-class multi-asset execution and post-trade processes from a single margin account, with integrated back-office and regulatory services.

Saxo Bank enables licensed financial institutions to serve self-directed, advised and managed clients, while retaining full client anonymity and control. Our partners can focus on their core business and outsource the full trading and investment value chain to Saxo Bank. We help our clients get to market quickly with off-the-shelf solutions, or develop tailored packages for your needs.

Saxo Bank supports robo-advisors using their own front-end solutions to manage vast numbers of clients efficiently, via our automated managed account technology, execution and post-trade services.

Saxo Bank

We support our partners on their growth path with services that cover the full value chain and support seamless integration across the whole capital markets infrastructure.

Business impact

Access to global markets

Immediately offer your clients stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, options, futures, CFDs and FX instruments on global exchanges. Saxo Bank covers 19,000 stocks in 36 exchanges, 50,000 mutual funds in Europe, UAE and Singapore, 3100 ETFs and many more assets globally.

Benefit from global support

Saxo Bank offer global support with pre-launch project management teams, relationship managers, daily account maintenance and round-the-clock IT maintenance and continuity management.

Go-to-market and scale-up quickly

Out-of-the-box solution with back-office and compliance capabilities help your business rapidly reach scale. Clients do not have to invest in costly infrastructure, processing and compliance capabilities.

Secure Cloud Hosting with Minimal Integration

Benefit from Saxo Bank’s solutions programmed on .NET and hosted on Azure with secure physical data centers in Denmark. Through Open APIs, Saxo offers ease of integration and low project costs.

more details

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