Nevis Security

Effortless and secure customer login experience through passwordless, biometric MFA, transaction signing and identity verification.

Nevis offers solutions designed to extend your infrastructure with passwordless authentication and transaction signing services through on-device biometrics. Our FIDO-certified products provide the authentication experience that end-users expect today. Your customers can authenticate effortlessly, using only a mobile phone as well as do business online with our intuitive and secure login & transaction signing solutions that are compliant with industry regulations like PSD2 and GDPR.

Making security an experience

Security solutions for the digital world of tomorrow

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Business impact

Save time, costs, and hassle

Nevis’ passwordless authentication is accomplished without an SMS or TAN. Our out-of-the-box integrations, which are compatible with industry standards like Azure AD B2C, make it possible to launch new services in no time.

Increased customer loyalty

Cybersecurity and data protection reduce the risk of data theft or data misuse, which helps to avoid security incidents that could lead customers to switch to a competitor they consider more secure.

Avoiding fines

Protecting your customers’ data can save you from regulatory fines and sanctions.

Higher operating efficiency

Prevent cyber attacks, maintain availability of key systems and processes and reduce the likelihood that employees will have to stop their main line of work.

Reducing illegitimate transactions

Investing in anti-fraud technologies can directly reduce the number of illegitimate transactions and can also reduce the number of false alarms that block or delay financial transactions.

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