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API-accessible financial simulation engine for predictive forecasting

Founded in 2011 in London, Kidbrooke offers OutRank, a financial simulation engine. By distilling decades of research in the fields of quantitative analysis, behavioural economics and portfolio management into easily accessible APIs, Kidbrooke enables any financial institution to build next-generation digital wealth experiences.

Current use cases include holistic financial planning, pension planning, mortgage/credit analytics and investment guidance/advice.

Access to Kidbrooke’s technology can improve customer engagement, the quality and profitability of the underlying business models, shorten time-to-market and ultimately make a real difference with respect to financial inclusion.
We believe in a world where everyone has access to educated financial decision-making.

OutRank by Kidbrooke

Build seamless wealth experiences leveraging predictive forecasting by accessing our financial simulation engine through its versatile APIs.

Business impact

Shortens time-to-market

Developing a holistic financial simulation engine from scratch may take years of research, but with OutRank it is yours to use today.

Cost efficient

OutRank can both power fully digital journeys automating your wealth business and automate the most time-consuming tasks performed by your physical financial advisors.

Designed for growth

Due to the holistic nature of the offering, you can add more and more digital journeys powered by OutRank as you navigate your strategic roadmap.

Improves customer engagement

OutRank can generate relevant and proactive nudges informing customers about important events in their financial lives.

Financial inclusion

OutRank can empower you to extend your offering to mass affluent retail customers in a lean and scalable way.

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