DFS Full Suite

Full suite of solutions including wealth, banking products, lending, credit cards, insurance, savings accounts and more.

Full Suite for Wealth

additiv DFS: full suite of wealth solutions which builds on the existing core banking system to allow rapid go-to-market of digital solutions for private banking, retail banking, and portfolio and asset management.

Specific Wealth Solutions

Covers a range of specific workflows such as club deal platforms, distribution of ISA-like products, switch and proposal engine.

Robo Advisor

Mass Standard: delivers investment products and standard portfolios without human customer support.

Sophisticated: investors can access functionality and product range previously reserved for clients with higher investment volumes including optimizing (mean variance etc.) and other sophisticated investment functionalities.

Advisor Tablet

Mobile advisory solution providing advisors with “bank on a tablet” functionality for client meetings.

Advisor Collaboration

Digital collaboration between bank, advisor, and client.

Full Suite for Lending

Functionality ranging from consumer loans to hybrid model loans.

Includes servicing and CRM functionality.

Digital Mortgage

Fully-automated self-service online mortgages to traditional models where complex financing solutions are processed with limited digital support.


Planning and implementation of campaigns; lead management; big data marketing analytics; and tracking and reporting of campaign and sales results.

Example: Full Suite for Wealth.